Passion for photography has always accompanied me, from my youth to the present. 

Finding my way in the art of photographing has taken years. In this process I studied a lot, and my work has evolved along with my learning. 

The observation and understanding of the work of great masters of photography, and my personal effort, have helped me to persevere in the search for my own style. 

My specialitation is in black and white photography. My work and portfolio cover, mainly, sculptures, monuments, urban architecture and landscapes. 

Passionate about art, history and culture in all its forms, I visit places and streets looking for the special and beautiful of each place. Using light as the most valuable resource, I make photographic composition seeking to perpetuate the essence of what I see through the lens. Although I make shots in much of the world, I am in love with Argentina. My desire is to leave in time a record of the splendor of my country, its magnificent cities, towns, monuments and landscapes. 

I invite you to visit my site and watch my portfolio looking forward my work would be of your delight. 

If you are interested in any of my photos, please contact me.